what makes
us special

In an Era of Edtech startups trying to be the next big thing

ReGraduate is transforming the on-ground, archaic educational system of the country

Through proprietary courses on sector specific skills

Designed and developed to improve the employablity quotient of Graduates and MBAs.

Know the Promoters

ReGraduate is Co-Founded by Entrepreneurs from FMS Delhi, IIM Calcutta, ISB and The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India to Transform the Conventional education landscape of the country with Proprietary educational courses for students and professionals to help them learn the most in demand industry skills.

learning today forĀ a better tomorrow.

how we prepare students

  • Proprietary 40 Skill ReGraduate employability matrix and Technical Competency Development Sessions designed in line with Industry Needs
  • Business Analytics for Financial Planning & Analysis jobs
  • Business Acumen booster Sessions with Harvard style Case Driven Pedagogy for Harnessing critical thinking
  • Capital Markets Analysis for Investment Banking, Private Equity & Venture Capital Opportunities
  • Digital Marketing in the World of Fake Like and Views

opportunities for lifelong learning

Customized Corporate Trainings for Boosting Employee Productivity

ReGraduate Employee Retention Program to reduce attrition rates

Advanced Excel Mastery Program

Proprietary Case Based Leadership and Team Building Programs


ReInvent Yourself

to bring prosperity

Get Your Dream Jobs

Expand your Earning Potential

Building Skills for the Future

to achieve our goals

Boost Self Confidence

Improve Technical Knowledge

learn! smart is great.

education can change the world

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